Sustainable Materials – The Future of Interior Design

Sustainable designs are on trend right now because the materials used are eco-friendly and add an exciting new look to your home. Some people might feel that the sustainable materials will bring the old and recycled look to their home but they will be surprised by how these materials add elegance to a space.

Recycled Aluminum

Most people perceive aluminum by function and not by design. However, the narrative has changed now. Designers and homeowners are incorporating this material in art pieces and backsplashes. Additionally, not everybody would embrace aluminum as a statement piece in their home so they can get items that have accents of this material.


Feathers are mistaken to be meant for fashion items only but this is not the case anymore. Designers have started incorporating these unique items into home items and accessories. Most of the time feathers are used to stuff pillows and other upholstered items. They can also be put onto light fixtures to add that beautiful and unique detail to it.

Jute Fibers

This material comes from the jute plant. The plant is known to grow rapidly and it quickly renews itself. As a result of this, items made of this material tend to be durable which greatly contributed to an eco-friendly home. Jute fibers also have a coarse texture that adds the earthy feel to the room. Jute is also known to be a very good insulator which is very economical as it saves you from buying other heat insulators.

Use Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Opting to use the bio-ethanol fuel leaves a positive print to our environment. Using this type of fuel for your fireplace makes your home eco-friendly because bio-ethanol is non-toxic, water-soluble and quickly biodegradable. Since it emits less carbon dioxide into the air is a better and a more environmentally sound option for your home.

Go for Rustic Designs

If you are going for a rustic design for your home then you need to select items that will support your dream. For instance, you can use reclaimed wood on your floors or you can buy used items at antique shops.


  • Eco-friendly material add a warm feel to your home
  • It is a healthier and safer way to use eco-friendly materials
  • Cost friendly
  • Environmental protection

For more inspiration check out Tylko’s guide to sustainable materials.